Hands of Twilight Model Kimbra Hickey

Frequently Asked Questions

How did your hands end up on the cover of Twilight? Was it stock footage, or a planned photo shoot?

There was a casting for hand models to shoot the cover of a teenage romance novel, Twilight. I was already working in NYC as a body parts model when I got called by my agent for the audition. I have yet to find out why I was chosen.

Did you get to preview the book before it was released?

No. We shot the cover in September 2004. The book was published months later in 2005. I spent many days visiting bookstores until I finally saw it on shelves in the teenage section.

Did you have any idea what a huge hit the book was going to be?

I had no idea! I'm used to seeing my hands in ads, magazines, and catalogs where no one ever knows it's me. As a parts model I'm used to being anonymous. But when Twilight hit #1 that's when I said to myself, "whoa, my life as a hand model just hit a whole new level."

What does it feel like seeing your hands everywhere you turn?

It's just so super wild! I see my hands all over the place now. There are also many people I know who enjoy sending a text or email telling me where they've seen my hands, whether it's on a beach in Jamaica, on a Borders gift card or the packaging of a Godiva bar. I even had a chance recently to meet a fan who tattooed the Twilight image on her ankle!!!

How did you get into modeling?

Upon the advice from friends who were already working in the entertainment biz, I took a seminar at The Learning Annex that showed students how to become a parts model.

Have you met Stephenie Meyer?

Yes. I went to see the Oprah show when Stephenie Meyer was appearing as a guest. She did a book signing afterwards and signed my Twilight book! When we shook hands she said, "it's nice to finally put a face to the hands!"

Have you met any of the cast members from the film series?

Yes! I've had the good fortune to meet some amazing actors from Twilight. Where do I begin?! Ok, here I go: Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Edi Gathegi, Christian Serratos. I've even met a couple of wolves from New Moon: Bronson Pelletier and Chaske Spencer. Now that I'm appearing on TwiTour, TwiCon and EyeCon, I get to hang with the whole cast. It's been such a blast, I feel like part of the Twilight family.

Are you going to be in any of the Twilight movies?

I would love a chance to audition for any part in one of the last two films. That would be epic!

Were you involved in the creation of any of the other book covers in the series?

Yes. I was called in again in early 2006 to shoot the cover of New Moon! In fact, they called me in twice. We tried two different days photographing my hands holding a flower. Apparantly, there was a decision made just before the book was published to not use the hands this time. They decided to only use a flower by itself, no hands. But the picture we shot is in existence and can be seen here: www.rogerhagadone.com

What do you think of the movie adaptation of Twilight?

I think the Twilight movie is great! It's very true to the book which can't be easy for a director to do. Kudos to Catherine Hardwicke! I recently met her at TwiTour Atlanta and was thrilled to tell her how cool I thought it was that she kept the bookcover alive in the movie. When Edward caught the apple in the cafeteria scene I nearly fell out of my chair! What?! Awesome. And I find it especially great because Rob Pattinson used to be a hand model! Perfect!

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